Our Unmatched HVAC Assurance Guarantees

    At Eagles HVAC Services, we’re not just about delivering top-notch HVAC services; we’re about providing peace of mind. Our guarantees are our commitment to you, ensuring the optimal performance of your HVAC system and your complete satisfaction with our service.

    Eagles HVAC Services is committed to delivering the highest level of service and satisfaction. Our guarantees are our pledge to you, ensuring that you receive the best in HVAC services. We’re not satisfied until you are!

    HVAC Performance

    Our Performance Assurance is our pledge that the equipment we install will function as expected when maintained and operated correctly. We promise a maximum temperature variance of 3 degrees from your thermostat setting under normal conditions. If we don’t meet this standard, we’ll make necessary adjustments, repairs, or replacements free of charge during the first year of installation.

    HVAC Service

    Our Service Satisfaction Assurance is our commitment to service excellence. Our technicians are not only skilled and professional but also respectful of your home. They’ll complete their work efficiently, leave your home clean, and won’t consider the job done until you’re fully satisfied.

    employees by an hvac unit outside

    Quality HVAC Equipment

    Our ‘No Lemon’ Assurance is our promise of reliability. If you invest in a new central heating or cooling system from us, and have us maintain it annually, we offer a ‘No Lemon’ Assurance. If your furnace’s heat exchanger cracks, boiler sections leak, or air conditioner’s compressor fails during the first year of ownership (10 years on our premium systems), we’ll replace your entire unit with a new one within 96 hours of our diagnosis, at no cost to you.